Ultra Turbo Induction technology

Ultra Turbo Induction

Vita brings you the unprecedented technical innovation that is "Ultra Turbo Induction". Featuring a 5 mm layer of steel coating encapsulating a pure aluminium inner - ideal for induction.

The result? VITA heats up smoothly and completely 20% faster than any other pan on the market and retains most of the heat, reducing both energy cost and cooking time. As it is highly resistant to heat shock, the base suffers no deformities either. It is super-fast!

Ultra Turbo Induction


The VITA collection integrates EternaTi, the finest non-stick coating on the market produced exclusively by Whitford for the Infinity Chefs brand.

EternaTi is reinforced with Titanium particles; the addition of titanium makes the coating even stronger and its finish is fantastically glossy.

Bergner coatings are developed according to three basic principles.

  • Non-stick function: The food will not stick to the base; prevents toxic substances forming.
  • Contribute to a healthy lifestyle: Oils and fats are not required; this guarantees a better and healthier diet.
  • Protecting the products:
Eterna+Ti by Whitford

EternaTi is accredited by the World Health Organisation.

PFOA-free | Highly scratch-resistant
Cook with the minimum of fats | Easy-clean

Ergonomic handle

Ergonomic handle

The handles in the Vita collection from San Ignacio are ergonomic, which allows us to work absolutely safely and in full control, even when our hands are damp.

The VITA frying pan handle enables perfect grip, meaning it is safe and provides maximum comfort when cooking. Its design prevents reheating, so there is no chance of burning yourself. Of course, it also perfectly isolates the heat from the main body of the pan. There is an opening at the end of the handle to hang the pan on the wall.

These handles are designed for everyday cooking, minimising any deformation over time.

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